Sacred Elemental Journey with Ashlyn Aquarius

Healing Leaves Holistic Center 3329 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington

We welcome you to the Sacred Elemental Journey - a group guided meditation class that will lead you through a sequence of elemental healing using Water, Air, Earth and Fire. In this hour-long journey, you will experience a powerful and transformative meditation practice that will help you connect with and harness the healing energies of Nature. Our meditation will begin by grounding ourselves and connecting with the Earth element. Through visualization and deep breathing, we will feel the stability and strength that the Earth offers us. Next, we will move on to the Water element, where we will connect with our emotions and learn to flow with the changes of life. Through a guided obstacle course within the mind, we will release any emotional blockages and allow the healing waters to wash away any negative energy. We will then focus on the Fire element, where we will ignite our passion and creativity. This element will help us tap into our inner power and inspire us to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm. Finally, we will connect with the Air element, where we will release any mental clutter and find inner peace. Through this inner knowledge and wisdom, we will feel the lightness and clarity that the Air element brings. This group meditation is perfect for anyone looking to find inner balance, release stress, and connect with the power of the elements. Join us for this transformative journey for only $33 at Healing Leaves Holistic Center Thursday, September 7th from 6:30-7:30pm.

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