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Hannah Boring

Hannah Boring is a newly licensed esthetician in North Carolina & South Carolina. She graduated from the Esthetics program at Strand College of Hair Design in early 2022. She is committed to expanding her knowledge and is eager to make an impact on clients’ lives through the holistic services she offers. She specializes in Brow Shaping, Lashes Lifts, and Custom Facials based on your specific needs. 

Through her own personal experiences with skincare and health, as well as her passion for helping others, she decided to pursue a career in esthetics. Rather than just caring about physical appearance, she focuses on the mind, body, and soul. Her practice combines self-care, empowerment through education, making intuitive food choices, and including spirituality to help others heal in a holistic sense.

What Hannah has to offer her clients is love, guidance, and a sacred space free of judgment or worry. She believes every client deserves to have a safe space for healing and growth. Her goal is to aid you in feeling more confident and knowing that you are supported along this journey of healing. 

Join Hannah to learn the love language to beautiful skin and bring out your inner radiance!

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