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India Hopkins

India Hopkins began her studies in the healing arts in 2018, in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest Virginia with her teacher, Darlene Himes. She completed her level 1 and 2 Holy Fire Reiki Certification that year and received her Reiki Master Certification in 2020. Indi has since gone on to receive her Karuna Reiki Master Certification in 2022.

Indi’s personal healing journey began back in 2010 after many years of struggling with both physical and mental illness. She has since devoted much of her time to learning how to safely tap into the emotional body, energy body and her subconscious mind to experience healing on a deep level. Indi is now studying Contemporary Shamanism with her teacher, Marie Allred. She is also has completed Level II training for accessing the Akashic Records with Ahna Hendrix.

India Hopkins's Services


Reiki healing energy is a high vibrational and loving energy which is channeled through the practitioner to help you find deep relaxation and healing. Reiki can assist you in healing on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Many people find that they leave the Reiki session feeling more calm, light and balanced.
Indi’s sessions are intuitively guided, and each session will be a little different to meet you where you are in the present moment. She will often include mediation, intuitive messages, singing bowls, crystals and/or oracle cards in her sessions. All are welcome in this space.

60 minute session:

Come and enjoy an hour of deep relaxation and energy healing. In this session, Indi will channel Karuna Reiki energy to help you release what is no longer serving you, while also helping you bring in what is in alignment.

90 minute session:

This 90 minute session will include over an hour of Reiki, as well as a combination of other tools to help you restore balance on all levels. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, clear and fully grounded.

Cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao:

This delicious ceremonial grade cacao is essentially the most amazing hot chocolate you’ve ever had, and so much more! Cacao is known for it’s heart opening aspect. In this day and age, we can all use a little more heart opening. Indi likes to include cacao in her sessions, as it helps her clients be more open to receiving the benefits of Reiki. This drink is vegan friendly, and ingredients include ceremonial grade cacao, unsweetened oat milk, a small amount of maple syrup as well as cinnamon.

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