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I have been doing bodywork since 1991, which is a long and wonderful time! I have dedicated my life to this work because it brings people to the core of who they are. It is empowering, healing, and magnificent. Receiving bodywork has been the most consistent and powerful pathway of obtaining health and increasing self awareness I have personally experienced. As multi decade provider of Soma Neuromuscular Integration, massage, and other modalities of energy work, (Reiki, Body Intuitive) I am honored to pass on the work to my clients who want to experience the gift of balance, freedom of pain, healing from injury, nurturing the immune system, nurturing the soul, increased flexibility and grace, self awareness and internal peace.

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To receive bodywork is an act of kindness to self. You will become your own healer through the body’s divine wisdom revealed. You will gain the experience of how to be your own sacred, compassionate witness as healing occurs through the many layers that lead to the core of who you are. All of this can be done with the touch of wise hands and the act of deep listening. Deep listening occurs through the sensations you feel in your tissues, bones, nervous system, the pattern of your breath. All of these link to the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing an unfolding that promotes increased functioning of homeostasis throughout all systems of body.
The varied disciplines of bodywork and energy medicine that I practice are all pathways to increased vitality and self understanding. Each modality acts as a tool to promote physical healing. For thousands of years, healers around the world have been keeping bodywork traditions alive because of the powerful effects they produce. When we are physically healthy and embodied, we live life more fully.
Soma Neuromuscular Integration is a holistic form of bodywork from the family of Structural Integration, created by Ida Rolf in 1971. Soma can be done as stand alone sessions, or a series of either 1-3 or 1-11 appointments which systematically unravel the fascial restrictions of the body. In this process, the body/mind is re-organized through working with the fascial, muscular, and nervous systems to create dynamic shifts for the body/mind/emotional being. Along with the physical work, there is movement re-education so that new patterns can be laid in the nervous system. There is also the option of working with a workbook to bring added depth to the insightful nature of this form of work. Soma focuses on creating freedom for dynamic movement and choices within the physical and emotional bodies. When one is free of physical pain and restriction, they can receive life with more clarity and positive impact. The work ranges from light to deep pressure, depending on what your system needs. This work can be life changing and deeply empowering as you journey into the core of who you are.
Enhance your massage with Acutonic Tuning Forks. Acutonics Tuning Forks infuse the session with planetary medicine, and work with deep archetypical patterns held in the the body. The forks help recalibrate any part of the system that is not living in it’s optimum resonance. Everything on the planet is made of vibration. Our physical body has it’s unique vibration that it emanates when it is healthy. When the body is subjected to stress, it can change the vibratory frequency of the body, which in turn, can create pain and illness. The Acutonic tuning forks shift the vibration of the body from stress, holding, and imbalance to flow, freedom, and health. Most people feel an emotional and physical shift immediately upon application!

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