Lyndy Malone​

Lyndy Malone

Lyndy is a licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner. Originally licensed in Las Vegas (2015), Lyndy has a strong background working in professional, high-end spas as well as formal training in medical massage while working for several Chiropractic offices.

Lyndy received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology in San Diego CA. Later returning to school to become a licensed massage therapist, with the intent of helping people, by treating the physical body through the natural method of muscle manipulation. It was during massage school that she found her real passion, studying how to treat the mind, body and soul – together. Currently a Reiki practitioner, she is working toward becoming a Reiki master.

Her primary goal is finding out a client’s needs and tailoring their massage accordingly. Whether you have neck or low back pain from working at a desk all day, just enjoy treating yourself to a relaxing massage regularly, or are in need of stress reduction, a tailor made massage can aid in healing your own body!

Lyndy Malone Services

Reiki Massage

60 min or 90 min :

This light to medium rhythmic massage is similar to a classic Swedish massage while adding the ‘laying on hands’ energy work of Reiki. This massage will lull you into a state of relaxation where you can focus on the therapeutic properties of touch while allowing the flow of Reiki energy to aid in self healing.

Swedish Massage

60 min or 90 min :​

Gentle relaxation massage with slow long movements to ease the mind and body. The many benefits of Swedish massage may include flushing the body tissues of uric and lactic acid and other metabolic waste, breaking-up of scar tissue and improved circulation, which may speed healing and lessen swelling from injury. Swedish massage is specifically designed to relax the muscles.

Custom Massage

60 min or 90 min :​

Exactly as it sounds. Do you only want your back and neck worked on? Do you want more energy work than massage? Do you need deeper work done on certain muscle groups because of a sport you train for? Whatever the customization you are looking for, we can come up with a plan.

30 Minute Offerings

Hand & Foot or Face, Neck & Scalp :

These massages for stress relief are an easy add on to other services and will focus on important acupressure points.

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