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Tricia Koenig

Tricia has dedicated her life to reconnecting to her Native American roots and finding the common threads that tie all cultures together. Her core belief is that by returning to right relationship within ourselves, we return to right relationship to all that is. We are here to remember that everything is energy, including us. Emotion is just “energy in motion”.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transmuted. This knowing propelled her to travel the world to learn the ancient alchemical healing modality of Chi Nei Tsang, to assist humanity in healing and  transmuting stagnant emotions from this lifetime and past.  She has also studied Ayurveda, Celtic and Native American Herbalism as a way to interface our connection to everything, evolving us back to our true nature. By far though, the most profound teachers in her life have been pain, discomfort and confusion, always tumbling her to the next phase of her evolution. She has learned along the way not to hold on, or to push anything away, but to feel it all and allow the energy transmute.

Tricia Koenig's​ Services

Chi Nei Tsang Session

1 hour :

The literal translation means “Internal Organ Chi Transformation.” Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) was originally developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in China over 5,000 years ago to help strengthen and refine their bodies in order to maintain the high energy required to perform the highest level of spiritual practices. Today it is used as a healing touch modality that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. CNT is performed through precise therapeutic touch to the abdomen. Emotions (energy in motion) are held in the body when we do not allow ourselves to FEEL them completely and are stored as energetic charges that need to be process physically. The key to the healing process is awareness. Once we are consciously aware of our emotional charges, the innate intelligence of our body takes over and digestion (transmutation of energy) occurs. Healing is not facilitated through the rational mind, only through the body’s intelligence. This IS outgrowing ourselves, synonymous with evolving and alchemizing. Thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves and life are then more easily identified, allowing us to choose new beliefs that are in alignment with our highest vision for ourselves.

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