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Walk-ins are often available for detox foot baths, infrared sauna sessions, luxurious foot soaks, and ear seed applications. Sessions can be booked in store or over the phone the day of as availability for the practitioner allows. For all other services, appointments must be made at least 12h in advance. Give us a call at 910-660-8127 to ensure your walk-in appointment can be met!

The OPTIMUM FOCUS foot bath machine ionizes the bath water with the unit’s “Optimizer” – a submersible water module with light energetic impulse. When your feet are immersed in the water during a 35-minute detox foot bath, the OPTIMUM FOCUS works with the water in your body, activating it, energizing and balancing the meridians. Detox foot bath treatments are basically an ionic osmosis process that stimulates your cells into releasing toxins naturally. As a result, the body as a whole is energized and more in balance. The human energy fields become stronger and more free-flowing, strengthening the body’s immune system in the process.


All of our healing practitioners are either licensed, certified, or otherwise qualified to perform services within their scope. These licenses will be readily displayed in the practitioner’s room or on file with our staff for viewing if requested.
Our building allows for handicapped parking, an easy to access ramp near our entry, and a large restroom for accessibility needs. Service animals are also allowed within the building. Certain members of our staff have received sensory and inclusivity training to aid in making sure all of our guests feel welcome. If further accommodations are needed, please contact [email protected] prior to booking a session.

It is requested that clients arrive no less than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session in order to fill out paperwork if needed. Wearing comfortable clothing and easily removable shoes is advised. Restrooms and hydration are available for all clients inside the store.

Please note that many other healing services may be taking place throughout the center at any given time. If possible, arrive at your session with a muted cell phone and refrain from answering phone calls while inside the building.

Additional days & times are available for certain services by appointment. Please contact us or your healing practitioner for more information.

There might be! Any open appointments within 12 hours are not shown online. Please call us at 910-660-8127 to see if we have availability for short notice appointments.

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