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Bill Moore Reflexologist

Bill Moore




Discover the incredible benefits of reflexology, the artful science of healing that is both gentle and powerful. This therapy is celebrated for its remarkable effectiveness and non-invasive approach. By stimulating nerve and blood pathways that originate in our feet, hands, face, and outer ears and pass through various systems and structures on their way to the brain, reflexologists help promote holistic wellness. With a deep understanding of the body’s interconnected systems, reflexologists use maps that correspond to all systems of the body to apply alternating pressure techniques that can unlock healing potential. Experience the rejuvenating effects of reflexology and let its healing touch leave you feeling restored, renewed, and revitalized.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology helps improve blood circulation, stimulates healthy nerve functioning, helps to promote relaxation and stress relief, helps to align the body’s energy centers, reduces inflammation and discomfort, and boosts energy and focus. 

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