Bill Moore

Bill Moore is one of Wilmington’s few ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) board certified reflexologists. He is excited to offer the public comprehensive feet, hand, and ear reflexology to bring balance and healing to people’s lives. In 2017 he began practicing reflexology in Salisbury North Carolina at The Academy of Reflective Wellness with Cynthia Hill. She is a 36-year veteran reflexologist that has seen it all. In November of 2019 Bill became ARCB board certified. The ARCB has been the only body in the United States to certify reflexologists since 1992. In 2012 Bill became a reiki-master/teacher with Jennifer Ledbetter (who currently operates A New Day Studios Healing Arts Community in Memphis Tennessee).

Living life as a “canary in the coal mine” gave him all the motivation he needed to improve his health naturally. Living with various immune and health issues at a young age, a trip to the health food store in 1999 kicked off his healing journey when he started sipping “earthy” tasting juices and used natural means to avoid sinus surgery. Bill has been awakening and absorbing knowledge and experience since.

Bill brings his service background to healing now. For 13 years in Memphis Tennessee, he served his community as a certified CCCS non-profit credit counselor, HUD housing counselor and public speaker. Thousands of individuals and families received guidance and education to help them traverse difficult times. Once in Wilmington, Bill worked at The Arc of North Carolina as a job coach from 2015 until 2021.

“Reflexology is so far beyond what most people’s expectations are. Its depth, breadth, power, and gentle grace all work towards the singular goal of helping the body do what it already is trying to and wanting to accomplish,” said Mr. Moore. Fun to give for me and always a joy to receive, I encourage everyone to learn how it can help their lives.”

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Bill Moore's Services


40 min - 100 min :

Discover the incredible benefits of reflexology, the artful science of healing that is both gentle and powerful. This complementary therapy is celebrated for its remarkable effectiveness and non-invasive approach. By stimulating nerve and blood pathways that originate in our feet, hands, face, and outer ears and pass through various systems and structures on their way to the brain, reflexologists help promote holistic wellness. With a deep understanding of the body’s interconnected systems, reflexologists use maps that correspond to all systems of the body to apply alternating pressure techniques that can unlock healing potential. Experience the rejuvenating effects of reflexology and let its healing touch leave you feeling restored, renewed, and revitalized. With Board Certified Reflexologist, Bill Moore. First time clients will receive a 10-15 min free consult prior to the start of the initial session. Please arrive wearing easily removable shoes and comfortable clothing.

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