Shamanic Healing

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Our Shamans:

Kimberly Dam Shaman

Kimberly Dam


Roger Lockshier Shaman Reiki Master

Roger Lockshier

Shaman & Reiki Master

Kimberly Dam Inheritance

Shamanic Healing

Each session is unique with our Shaman and they use a variety of techniques such as energy healing, breathwork, chakra balancing and clearing, shamanic journey, and aspects of Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, all tailored to the specific needs of the individual. 

Shamanic healing can trace its roots back thousands of years to several indigenous cultures from across the planet. Shamans were often looked to as spiritual guides, leaders, and healers for their people. Today, these ancient arts are still practiced by licensed individuals looking to help people achieve balance in both body and spirit.


The concept of healing works on many levels. Many attribute a healing process to the physical realm and that of the body. But often, the greatest influence is not on the body, but on the soul. The path of the Shaman works in spiritual harmony with other positive entities, such as ancestors or nature spirits, to help promote healing and the well-being of the client. Spiritual helper entities work alongside the Shaman to help root the client, and commune with them as a medium to find the best way to alleviate spiritual damage.

The spiritual and physical bodies are said to be interlinked, and what affects one is said to influence the other. When the soul is repaired, the body is mended more completely. It is this balance that a Shaman will seek to restore during a healing session. You may see your practitioner enter a trance-like state and use several instruments and traditional tools to cleanse negative energy. Chanting, dancing, drum-playing, rattles, and several other methods can be used to help someone find wholeness in themselves and achieve spiritual harmony. It is considered the oldest of all traditional healing methods and has helped people find balance for centuries.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

These sessions are effective in healing support for reducing & managing stress, reducing & managing anxiety, managing depression, reducing inflammation, managing chronic fatigue & low energy, pain management, processing emotional trauma, removing toxins from the body, and more.

Shamanic healing can offer aid to those who have failed to gain any relief from more conventional methods such as chronic fatigue, pain, low self-esteem, and other ailments. Our practitioner Roger Lockshier is an internationally recognized practitioner of shamanic healing. He has an amazing 30 years of experience as a spiritual guide and healer! He also has a decade worth of experience in nursing and hyperbaric technology and is also deeply in tune with the spiritual realm. Our practitioner Kimberly Dam is a devotional alchemist, Shamanic guide, and women priestess. Her deepest desire and soul’s calling to support those wishing to receive, remember, and restore their true essence and commune more deeply with the Divine. When visiting either shaman, you can expect to relax in a safe and comfortable environment. They will ensure that you are in a peaceful state of mind, so you can best open yourself up to healing. Their services are offered in one-on-one sessions, group meditation, healing ceremonies, and workshop settings.

Whether it is body pain or a spiritual flux you’re looking to remedy/heal to unblock yourself from a spiritual flux, a shamanic healing session could be what you’ve been looking for. Schedule an appointment today to find balance and peace.

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