Roger Lockshier Shaman Reiki Master

Roger Lockshier

Roger is an internationally recognized Shaman, Medicine Carrier, and Spiritual Guide with over 30 years of experience devoted to nature centric spirituality and sacred ceremony; he is a Reiki Master as well as a practitioner of several other healing modalities such as Meditation, Medical Qigong and Sacred Plant Medicine. After working for over a decade in “traditional” healthcare as both a nurse and as a hyperbaric technologist, Roger surrendered to the call of Spirit to devote his life in service of assisting others to awaken to their deepest healing and spiritual potential. Roger offers 1:1 sessions, group meditations, sacred healing ceremonies, workshops and together with his wife Allison, hosts several retreats yearly in North Carolina and elsewhere.

Roger Lockshier Services

Golden Fire Energy Alchemy

During this session, Roger uses a combination of energy healing modalities including Reiki, Medical Qigong and Shamanic energy healing, with meditation and breathwork for a complete healing and wellness service.

These sessions are effective in healing support for:
Reducing & Managing Stress
Reducing & Managing Anxiety
Managing Depression
Reducing Inflammation
Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy
Pain Management
Processing Emotional Trauma
Removing Toxins from the Body
And more…

Spiritual Guidance & Healing Session

Many of our deepest, most profound moments of Spiritual growth and awakening often come during times of personal challenge, in dealing with the “realities” of life such as relationships, finances, health, work/career or releasing conditioning and limiting beliefs from society including processing emotional wounds or traumas from our past.

If you find yourself going through a major life event, the guidance I offer can help you navigate and better understand this transitional time you are experiencing and help to frame this within the context of personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening. The guidance sessions I offer focus on a reconnecting to Spirit, the Divine Presence, and embracing that Presence within us to unlock and open to our fullest potential.

Shamanic Healing

During this session, Roger creates a personalized sacred ceremony for each client, a space for channeled messages, connecting with spirit guides, intuitive guidance, and healing and for developing a personal and intimate relationship with Spirit. Each session is unique as Roger uses a variety of techniques such as energy healing, breathwork, chakra balancing and clearing, shamanic journey, calling on spirit guides, ancestors, nature spirits and faerie beings, and aspects of Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, all tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

* Shamanic Healing w/ Rapeh Medicine is also available. Requires a 15-minute phone consult with Roger prior to the session.

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