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Asami Martin

Asami K. Martin, founder of Innerworks Hypnosis Center, is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and a Past Life Regressionist. She specializes in transpersonal hypnosis using advanced techniques in both clinical and regression sessions. She received her certification in 2010 after graduating from the HypnoRegression Institute and through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Asami has also been a certified Usui Reiki Master since 2007. Broadening her passion for this work, she now serves as an Instructor and Certification Manager for the HypnoRegression Institute.

Her sessions are heart-centered and tailored for each client and their specific needs. She sees every client as a unique individual with life experiences that are uniquely their own. Asami believes that positive change naturally happens when emotional blocks or old wounds are acknowledged and heard, thus allowing understanding of the cause and why you do what you do. This realization creates an opening for the energy to be cleared, allowing shifts and true healing to take place. This approach involves working with the whole person, the mind, body, soul, and emotions that make up who you are! You are more than a body, you are so much more than you realize.

Asami will provide a safe space where you can truly be open and free to be yourself. This is a judgment free zone and all information shared is confidential. Working together as a team, she will lead you to find the answers that you seek, clearing emotional energy and patterns that no longer serve you and creating positive change. Understanding your experiences in a new light will shift your life, moving you forward feeling empowered.

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