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Patrick Giguere Acupuncturist Vedic Astrology Chi-Gong

Patrick Giguere

Acupuncturist, Vedic Astrology & Chi-Gong

Vedic Astrology

Intuitive readings are private sessions where a professional spiritual practitioner uses their gifts to interpret or channel divine energy in order to empower, uplift, and inspire. These readings can be done in many ways including tarot and oracle cards, runes, i-ching coins, astrology charts and more!

Readers are empaths and healers who are more sensitive to energy fluctuations than most. They use their unique training to help clients access a deeper understanding of their past, present, or future.

Benefits of Intuitive Readings & Vedic Astrology

Readings are able to give client’s some perspective on what and why something is happening in their life. Instead of fighting through it, readers encourage their clients to take a breath, tap back into their heart center & make soul-led choices. Common question topics include love & relationships, career trajectory, abundance flow, spiritual awakenings, & breaking cycles.
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