Biofield Tuning/Energy work

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Our Practitioner:

Airica Dryden

Biofield Tuning® Therapist

Reiki Healing Energy

Biofield Tuning /Energy work

When you walk into a crowded room, you can feel if it’s a tense or calm space depending on the energy given out by the people in the room. Or you can feel when something or someone negative comes into your personal space and you take a step back.  This is the energy and frequency of a biofield. If it’s not an energetic match to yours, your body can sense that. You can also sense if someone is an energetic match to you, because it feels good and safe. 

Benefits of Biofield Tuning®

Reiki is a medically recognized method of alternative healing and preventative medicine that can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and calm anxieties through a comforting, gentle touch. Reiki can help unlock deeper states of meditation, stimulate the body’s natural immune system, foster tissue and bone healing after injury, and diminish pain. Reiki can also be used to increase mindfulness, promote a feeling of overall wellness, and foster more bodily attunement.
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