Group Qi Gong Class with Patrick Giguere

Healing Leaves Holistic Center 3329 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington

*** WALK-INS WELCOME! EVERY TUESDAY AT 7:30PM *** Qigong is a practice of self-healing and mindfulness. It activates the body’s natural healing response by stimulating the circulation of bodily fluids, and by promoting the flow of the body’s electric and magnetic currents. During Qigong practice, we place awareness on our breath, and any bodily sensations and emotions. It’s an opportunity to feel more deeply inside ourselves and become more aware of what we are feeling. Qigong is a meditative practice in that we focus our awareness on our life force. We give our minds something constructive and helpful to focus on. Qigong practice teaches us to embrace the cycles of nature and life rather than resisting them. Patrick Giguere holds an M.S. from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2012), and a B.S. from the United States Naval Academy (2004), and is fully licensed and insured in North Carolina and Massachusetts. Patrick is certified in medical Qigong, a certified Reiki Master, and well-versed in rehabilitative exercise. He has helped many patients with a wide variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries and pain, neurological conditions, sleep disorders, digestive issues, stress/anxiety, migraines, chronic illness, and more. Location: Healing Leaves Holistic Center 3329 Wrightsville Ave. STE C, Wilmington, NC

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